Clyde's Metal Water Pitcher, New

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Created for Clyde's by Wilton Armetale.


Armetale Metal

Armetale metal is a unique, non-toxic aluminum-based alloy, making it ideal for cooking and entertaining. This durable metal will not rust, break, crack or chip under normal usage. Each Armetale product is a solid piece of metal with no coating applied. This pitcher is a matte finish similar to pewter.

Use and Care

Simply wash your Armetale serveware with mild soap, then rinse with hot water and towel-dry. Automatic dishwashers are not recommended because the chemicals in water may harm the metal's fine finish. However, slight scratches caused by the cutting action of knives and forks are normal. They lend character and an air of authenticity to your serveware. If staining or discoloration does occur, either from food stains or discoloration caused by automatic dishwasher, prepare a combination of baking soda and water to form a paste.Rub the paste on the piece and towel dry. Apply Nevr- Dull or other similar silver polish to lift the remaining stain and restore the shine. If discoloration or dullness was caused by an automatic dishwasher, the paste and polish will help, but your original shine may not be restored.