Classic American Dining Meets Friendly Neighborhood Saloon

What began in 1963 as a vision of two restaurant enthusiasts remains a quintessential experience of the Washington, DC area.  As one of Washington's most enduring traditions and one of the most successful, privately owned restaurant companies in the nation, we consider creating a memorable dining experiences a cherished privilege.
For us, delicious food isn't only a product, it's the inspiration for the memory we hope to leave you with on the drive or walk home. Now more than ever, guests are expecting more from every menu, which is a demand we're happy to satisfy.
Ever since we transformed a two-room watering hole into a preeminent menu-driven saloon over 50 years ago, Clyde's Restaurant Group has always seen Washington as more than a city of politics. Behind every one of the 12 properties owned and operated by Clyde's Restaurant Group is a concept designed to offer a truly memorable dining experience in Washington.

Perhaps that is why Clyde's Restaurant Group has remained one of the most successful and enduring privately-owned restaurant companies in the nation. While we've certainly created a formula that works, what keeps us evolving are the friends we've made along the way, the energy of our staff and the continued growth of a place we lovingly call home.